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Word Level 3

Collaborating on DocumentsTime
   Modifying User InformationModifying the Properties of a Document in the Show Document Panel3:11
   Share a DocumentHow to send a document via E-mail thorugh Word2:05
   Compare Document ChangesHow to compare two documents to view changes between the two.2:49
   Review A DocumentHow to track changes and add comments.3:34
   Merging Document ChangesHow to merge several edited documents into one document.3:46
   Review Tracked ChangesHow to accept or reject changes made to a document when track changes is turnedon.2:42
   Collaborate on a DocumentHow to remotely work on the document with multiple people.4:56
Adding Reference Marks and NotesTime
   Add CaptionsHow to Add Captions to Illustrations and Tables2:22
   Add Cross-ReferencesHow to cross-reference a table or lllustration3:44
   Update Cross ReferencesHow to update a change to a cross reference0:44
   Add BookmarksHow to bookmark a document and view bookmarks.2:13
   Add HyperlinksHow to insert links to other documents, webpages and email.3:55
   Insert Footnotes and EndnotesHow to insert footnotes and/or footnotes in a document.3:03
   Inserting CitationsHow to insert citations to publications in a document.3:24
   Adding BibliogoraphyHow to insert a bibliography into a document.2:49
Simplifying and Managing Long DocumentsTime
   Insert Black and Cover PagesHow to insert a preformatted cover page and/or blank pages in a document.2:24
   Insert an IndexHow to index manual or with a concordance file and add an index to a document.5:22
   Insert a Table of ContentsHow to create a table of context using existing styles or custom styles.3:14
   Insert Table of Figures/TablesInserting a table of figures or table in a document.1:37
   Insert Table of AuthoritiesHow to mark legal citations in a document and insert a Tableof Authorities.4:15
   Manage OutlinesHow to convert a document into an outline, manage an outline.3:48
   Create a Master DocumentHow to create a master document from an outline and link sub-documents.4:51
Secure a DocumentTime
   Hiding TextHow to hide text when printing.2:08
   Removing Personal InformationHow to remove personal properties from a document, track changes and comments from a document.2:54
   Set Formatting or Editing RestrictionsHow to set restrictions for formatting or editing of a document.3:01
   Add a Digital SignatureHow to set up and add a digital certificate to a document.3:49
   Restrict Document AccessHow to prevent others from accidentally opening sensitive data.2:34
   Add Controls to a FormHow to create a form.5:16
   Locking and Saving a FormHow to lock the form and save as a template.2:04
   Adding Removing Fields from a FormHow to modify a form.3:08