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Word Level 2

Working with Tables and ChartsTime
   Sort Table DataSorting data in table in ascending or descending order.1:56
   Controlling Cell LayoutHow merge, split Cells. Insert a row. Change text direction and align vertically and or horizontally.6:05
   Perform Calculations in TableHow to calculate numbers in a cell.3:38
   Create a ChartHow to create a chart in Word, using chart tools features to format.7:55
Cutomizing Formats Using Styles and ThemesTime
   Create and Modifying Text StylesHow to create a style and how to modify a style.6:20
   Create Custom List or Table StylesHow to create a custom list style for an outline. How to create a custom table style.6:20
   Apply Document ThemeWhat is a theme, how it applies to styles and how to customize a theme.4:07
Using Images in a DocumentTime
   Resize an ImageHow to crop and/or resize an image.2:40
   Adjust Image Appearance IHow to adjust brightness and contrast of a picture. Adjusting Saturation, tone or recolor a picture. 2:30
   Adjust Image Appearance IIHow to apply artistic effects and compress pictures.2:41
   Adjust Image Appearance IIIHow to remove the background from a picture.4:26
   Integrate Pictures with TextHow to wrap text around a picture, have a picture in front of text or behind text.3:09
   Insert and Format ScreenshotsHow to create a screen capture or screen clipping.2:18
   Insert VideoHow to insert online video to a document.1:29
Creating Custom GraphicsTime
   Create Text Boxes and Pull QuotesWorking with text boxes, pull quotes and sidebars in a document.3:07
   Draw ShapesHow to create shapes in your document.8:35
   Adding WordArt and Other Text EffectsHow use WordArt in a document. How to use text effects to add a shadow, reflection, 3D-rotation and Transform.3:26
   Create Complex Illustrations with SmartArt Part 1Creating a Process illustration using Smart Art.4:53
   Create Complex Illustrations with SmartArt Part IICreating a hierarchy chart using SmartArt.1:36
Inserting Content Using Quick PartsTime
   Inserting Building BlocksWhat is a building block and how to apply to your document.3:22
   Create and Modify Building BlocksHow create your own building block to use in documents.5:18
   Insert Fields Using Quick PartsHow to insert fields into a document to display date, filename and document properties.5:16
Controlling Text FlowTime
   Control Paragraph FlowTo keep paragraphs together, how to add a page break.3:35
   Insert Section BreaksUnderstanding and inserting section breaks. A Continuous section break or a next page section break to apply different formatting.6:01
   Insert ColumnsHow to insert columns and column breaks in a document.3:13
   Link Text Boxes To Control Text FlowHow to link text boxes and over text flow into the next text box.1:36
Using TemplatesTime
   Creating a Document Using a TemplateHow to create a document using a template.4:23
   Create a TemplateHow to create your own word template.4:19
Using Mail MergeTime
   The Mail Merge WizardHow to use Mail Merge. This example uses an excel spreadsheet along with word.9:12
   Merge Envelopes and Labels Part 1How to create labels with the Mail Merge feature, as well as using a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.5:23
   Merge Envelopes and Labels Part IIHow to create envelopes with the Mail Merge feature, as well as using a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.3:06
   Create A Data Source Using WordHow to use word to create a data source for a mail merge.3:02
Using MacrosTime
   Automate Tasks Using MacrosHow to record a macro to automate a task in word.2:58
   Create A Macro4:19