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Word Level 1

Getting Started in WordTime
   Opening WordOpen Word and the Word Application5:51
   Open a DocumentHow to open a document in Word.4:51
   Create a DocumentHow to create and save a document in Word.4:52
   PrintHow to print a document in Word.3:00
   HelpHow to use Help in Word.2:08
   Compatiblity ModeHow to convert older Word documents to latest format.1:34
Editing a DocumentTime
   Navigation & Selecting TextHow to navigate and select text in Word.4:22
   EditingHow to copy text, paste text and delete text.5:29
Formating Text and ParagraphsTime
   Formatting TextHow to format text in a document.3:33
   HighlightingHow to use the Highlighter feature in a word document.1:47
   TabsHow to create a tabular table in Word.4:42
   Tabs 2How to create a tabular table in word with more options.3:11
   BulletsHow to create and change a bullet in word.2:15
   NumberingHow to number a list in Word.1:13
   Controlling Paragraph LayoutHow to set margins, indents and spacing in a paragraph.4:33
   Borders & ShadingHow to add a border to a paragraph.3:26
   Find and Replace FormatHow to use the find and replace tool to replace formatting in a document.1:47
Adding TablesTime
   Create TableHow to create a table in word.3:08
   Modify TableHow to make changes to a table layout in Word.2:54
   AutoFitHow to fit the table into the Word Document.1:28
   Format TableHow to apply a style to a table and add borders.1:37
   Convert Text to TableHow to convert a tabular table into a Table.1:34
Manage ListsTime
   Sorting ParagraphsHow to sort Tabular Text.1:21
   Renumbering a listHow to restart numbering in word, continue number.1:58
   Multi Level ListHow to create an outline list in Word.3:13
Insert Graphic ObjectsTime
   Special Characters and SymbolsUsing Special characters and Symbols in a Document.1:38
   Insert GraphicsHow to insert a picture or online graphics into a document.1:47
Controlling Page AppearanceTime
   Page BorderHow to add a page border to your pages in Word.1:28
   WatermarkHow to add a background watermark to your word document.1:39
   Insert Header & FooterHow to Insert a Header and/or Footer to your document.4:15
   Control Page LayoutHow to set margins, page breaks in Word.4:09
Proofing a DocumentTime
   Spelling Grammar CheckHow to spell check and grammar check in Work and view readability statistics.3:04
   Other Proofing ToolsThesaurus, and the Translate Tools for Research.2:16
   Checking AccessibilityHow to check to ensure your document will work in Readers for those with disabilities.1:37
Customize the Word EnvironmentTime
   Customizing A RibbonHow to Customize a Ribbon in Word.3:07
   Autocorrect & Open PdfHow to customize Autocorrect, Create a PDF and Open a PDF for editing.3:26
   Compatiblity CheckerHow to check to ensure your document will open in older versions of Word.1:20
   Auto Save OptionsHow to change Auto Save options, and how to open an autosaved document when it hasn't been saved.2:05