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PowerPoint Level 2

Cutomizing Design TemplatesTime
   Setting PowerPoint OptionsHow to set the Autosave time, Max number of Undos and Max number of files in the Backstage area.4:07
   Working with Slide MastersHow to work with slide masters to control overall appearance of presentation5:25
   Creating a Custom Slide LayoutHow to create your own slide layout.4:16
   Adding Header and FootersHow to display headers and footers in presentation documents.3:28
   Modifying Notes Masters and Handout MastersHow to modify Note Pages and Handouts.2:45
Adding SmartArt to PresentationTime
   Adding SmartArt to a PresentationHow to add smart art, like organization chart or processes.4:43
   Modifying SmartArtHow to modify the appearance of Smart Art2:53
Working with Media and AnimationsTime
   Adding Audio to a PresentationHow to record and/or add an audio file to a presentation6:26
   Adding Video to a PresentationHow to add an online video (youtube) or a video from your computer.3:47
   Setting Playback OptionsHow to automate audio and video in a slide.2:24
   Creating Custom Animation EffectsHow to add a motion path and other animations to an object.6:28
   Creating More Custom Animation Effects working with the Animation Pane to adjust animation for objects in a slide.5:39
   Timing Slide TransitionsTo to adjust slide transitions as well automate changing of slides in a presentation.2:49
Collaborating on a PresentationTime
   Adding and Managing SectionsHow to group slides and use the groups to manage the slide show.3:29
   Adding and Managing CommentsHow to add and view comments in a presentation.3:02
   Comparing and Merging PresentationsHow to merge two files to view the changes and approve or reject a change.6:03
   Sharing a Presentation on the WebHow to save a presentation to One Drive to share for collaborating online.2:21
   The PowerPoint Web AppHow to use the PowerPoint web app for collaboration2:48
Customizing a Slide ShowTime
   Annotating a PresentationHow to add pen marks or highlight parts of a slide during a presentation.2:25
   Setting Up a Slide ShowHow to finalize the slide show and customize for speaker, viewing individually, or play at a Kiosk.2:06
   Create a Custom Slide ShowTo customize your slide show for particular audiences without creating multiple slide shows.3:11
   Adding HyperlinksHow to insert a hyperlink to another slide or open another file.3:19
   Adding Action Buttons to a PresentationHow to add action buttons to navigate to next slide or return to beginning of slide show.3:38
   Record a PresentationHow to rehearse a slide show or record a slide show.5:26
Securing and Distributing a PresentationTime
   Secure a PresenationHow to removed changes, comments, annotations from a slide show, how to password protect a slideshow.3:25
   Presenting a Slide Show OnlineHow present a presentation online and send a link to your audience.2:49
   Converting a Presentation to a VideoHow to convert your presentation to a video.3:10
   Packaging a PresentationHow to package a presentation to place on another folder or burn to a CD.3:01