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PowerPoint Level 1

Getting Started with PowerPointTime
   Navigate the PowerPoint EnvironmentNavigating the Power Point application, Quick Access Toolbar, Ribbons, Left Pane, Status Bar6:56
   Create and Save a PowerPoint PresentationCreate a slideshow from the beginning and saving.5:07
   Using HelpHow to use the Help feature in PowerPoint1:53
Developing a PowerPoint PresentationTime
   Select Presentation TypeHow to create a presentation from a template.5:07
   View and Navigate a PresentationHow to Navigate through PowerPoint Application, Normal View, Handout View, Slide Sorter View2:16
   Edit TextHow to edit text in a PowerPoint presentation3:55
   Build a PresentationHow to add a slide, duplicate a slide, reuse slide and delete slides.6:29
   Arranging SlidesHow to reorder slides.2:16
   Applying ThemesApply a theme to a presentation, hide background graphics, apply variation of a theme and customize a theme.5:02
Performing Advanced Text EditingTime
   Format CharactersHow to format the fonts.4:12
   Format Paragraphs - Bullets and NumbersHow to change bullets and numbering.2:32
   Formatting Paragraphsalign text, 2:35
   Format Text BoxesHow to format the fill color, textbox outline and Shape Effects.5:21
Adding Graphical Elements to Your PresentationTime
   Insert Clip Art and ImagesHow to add a picture from your computer, clip art and create a screen clipping.4:19
   Insert ShapesHow to insert shapes.5:20
Modifying Objects in Your PresentationTime
   Edit ObjectsHow to crop, size objects.7:30
   Format ObjectsHow to set transparent color,Picture formatting Options.2:32
   Group ObjectsHow to group objects.6:20
   Arrange ObjectsHow to use the bring to front, send to back feature.4:59
   Animate ObjectsHow to animate objects in a presentation.2:32
Adding Tables in Your PresentationTime
   Create a TableHow to create a table of Data.2:05
   Format a TableHow to format a table.2:03
   Insert a Table from Other ApplicationsHow to insert an object and link.2:00
Adding Charts to Your PresentationTime
   Create a ChartHow to create a column chart.1:59
   Format a ChartHow to format chart elements.3:07
   Insert a Chart from ExcelHow to copy a chart from excel and link.1:54
Preparing to Deliver Your PresentationTime
   Review Your PresentationHow to spell check, use the research feature, thesaurus.2:42
   Apply TransitionsHow to apply transitions between the slides.1:49
   Print Your PresentationHow to print slides, handouts, page notes and outline.2:30
   Deliver Your PresentationHow to display your presentation.1:33
   Saving a Presentation as a PDFHow to make a PDF from your presentation.1:19