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OneNote Level 1

Exploring Notebook StructureTime
   IntroductionIntroduction to OneNote1:41
   Notebook, Sections and PagesHow to create a notebook, section and page.4:14
   Format PageHow to format a page.3:28
Working with Embedded FilesTime
   Insert FilesHow to insert files into a page.3:08
Dock to DesktopTime
   Docking and LinkingDocking OneNote on your screen and linking documents and webpages.3:06
Add Audeo and Video to a NotebookTime
   Video and BookmarkingHow to add video to a page and bookmark sections of a video for quick playback.3:31
Adding Outlook ItemsTime
   Outlook Meeting Notes and To Do'sHow to add Outlook meetings and to do's to OneNote and add nots.2:40
Working with Excel and Embedded FilesTime
   Adding SpreadsheetsHow to add a spreadsheet to OneNote3:24
Add Quick Notes and LinksTime
   QuicknoteHow to use QuickNote and import into a OneNote page.2:22
Convert Ink to TextTime
   Ink to TextHow to convert handwriting into text.2:41
Adding Screen ShotsTime
   Screen ClippingHow to capture a screen clipping and insert into a page.1:31
Adding TablesTime
   Insert TableHow to insert a table into a page.3:06
Sharing and Collaborating with NotebooksTime
   Sharing and ImportingHow to save and share a OneNote file/page.0:00