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Excel Level 3

Advance Worksheet SetupTime
   Range NamesHow to name a range of cells to use in formulas or find in a work book.5:25
   CommentsHow to add comments to a cell, view and print.4:24
   Data ValidationHow to add data validation to a cell, to keep users from entering the wrong data.7:18
   Add Date ControlHow to add a date picker to an excel worksheet.2:44
   Conditional FormattingHow to format cells that meet a certain condition.4:09
Functions (Financial)Time
   Present ValueHow to calculate the present value of future payments.2:51
   Future ValueHow to calculate the future value of a series of payments over time.1:47
   Payment (PMT)How to calculate a payment for a loan, based on the life of the loan.3:14
   RoundHow to round results in formulas to achieve more accurate results.2:54
   IFHow to create a logical operation based on values.2:28
   Nested IFHow to nest if statements inside of each other.3:28
   Vlookup (Exact Match)How to use vlookup and display information for an exact match.5:45
   Vlookup (Close Match)How to use vlookup and display information for a close match.3:33
   IF with VlookupHow to use an If statement with vlookup.3:27
   IF with OR ClauseHow to use an if statement to see if any of the tests are valid.3:24
   IF with AND clauseHow to use a if state to see if all the tests are valid.2:44
   Text FuctionsHow to use Left, Right, Concatenate functions to pull information from cells.3:10
   Text FunctionHow to determine the day or week or year from a date.2:26
Troubleshooting FormulasTime
   Troubleshoot FormulasHow to view what cells are used in a formula, or if a cell will affect a formula.3:54
   Create PivotTableHow to take a list/range and convert to a Pivottable.3:19
   Changing A PivotTableHow to modify what data will be reported in a PivotTable.3:01
   SlicerUsing the Slice to filter data in a pivotTable2:20
   TimelineUsing the Timeline to display data for a time period.3:27
   Change Field SettingsHow to view field setting and what function a pivotTable is using to calculate the results.1:44
   Updating and RefreshUpdating data in underlying table and refreshing the PivotTable1:40
   Format a PivotTableHow to format data in the PivotTable.2:06
   ShowDetail & Report Filter PagesHow to view detail for date in a pivotTable.2:16
   PivotChartHow to create a PivotChart for your PivotTable data.2:47
   Adding additional PivotTablesHow to display more than one PivotTable on a worksheet.3:26
   Scenario ManagerHow to view results by changing cell values based on a scenario and how to view the data.5:53
   Goal SeekHow to work backward in a formula, by changing the result and excel recalcuates.1:59
   SolverAn Excel Add-in used to solve using certain criteria.3:10
   Watch WindowHow to display a watch window for values in worksheets.2:53
   MacrosTo to create an automated process.6:56
Protecting A WorkSheetingTime
   Protecting A WorksheetHow to protect formulas in a worksheet so they don't get overwritten.3:10
Importing DataTime
   Importing TextHow to import text into an Excel Spreadsheet.3:10