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Excel Level 2

Organizing WorkbooksTime
   Organizing your WorkbookName Worksheet tabs and color coding.3:26
   Copy A WorkbookCopy a worksheet within a workbook.2:43
   Copy A Worksheet (New File)Copy a worksheet to a new file or existing open workbook.2:22
   Group WorksheetsWorking with multiple worksheets at the same time.5:25
   View Multiple WorksheetsHow to view multiple worksheets or files on the same screen.2:58
   Printing Mulitple WorksheetsHow to print multiple worksheets2:36
Linking & ConsolidatingTime
   Link FormulasCreate a formula across the worksheets.5:07
   Link FilesCreate a formula across excel files.5:14
   Consolidation Part 1Consolidating various excel files into a worksheet.3:48
   Consolidation Park 2 (Labels)Consolidating various excel files into a worksheet using labels.1:54
   HyperlinksCreating hyperlinks with the workbook, open a file and link to a website.4:44
Working with Large DoucmentsTime
   Split Screen/Freeze PanesHow to split a workbook screen into two, How to freeze row or columns or both in a worksheet.3:57
   Auto OutlineHow to create an outline to view detail, subtotals and grandtotla.2:57
   Manual OutlineHow to manually create an outline to view detail, subtotals and grandtotals.3:39
   Rules for ListsRules for lists, used in sorting, tables and pivottables.2:10
   Flash FillThe flash fill feature, how to extra data from cells .3:47
   Remove DuplicatesHow to removed duplicate records defined by you.2:07
   Basic SortingHow to sort data in a worksheet.3:57
   Additional SortingAdditional sorting, by cell color, by columns, or a custom sort.5:49
   Create SubtotalsHow to create a subtotal on a sorted file.3:34
   Format as TableHow to take a list/range and convert to a table for filtering.4:56
   Filter DataHow to filter data in a table4:34
   Add Data to a TableHow to add data to a table.3:04
   Advance FilterWorking with a criteria range and a table.4:37
   Convert To RangeHow to convert a table back to a range/list.1:19
   Database FunctionsHow to use a criteria range to calculate a total for a list of data.3:45
   Create ChartHow to create a pie or column chart.3:26
   Change ValuesHow to change information in cells and update chart data, and change the chart type.1:59
   Format ElementsHow to format parts of a chart. Title, plot area, Legend.2:44
   Format Data SeriesHow to format a data series.4:48
   Add Data ElementsHow to copy data from worksheet and paste into a chart.2:58
   FormatHow to change a chart type for a data series.3:47
   Add GraphicsHow to add a graphic to a chart and create floating text.4:04
   TrendlinesHow to display a trendline for a data series.3:05
   Custom ChartHow to save a chart type and use on future charts.1:57
   Print ChartsHow to print a chart or print the worksheet and chart.1:22
   Bubble ChartsHow to create a bubble chart .2:29
   SparklinesHow to display a trend in a cell.2:59