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Excel Level 1

Getting StartedTime
   Excel-Intro To the DesktopThis video introduces you to the technical terms of the Excel Desktop.7:12
   Creating a WorkbookHow to enter information into an Excel spreadsheet.4:30
   Entering DataHow to add data into a spreadsheet, using autocomplete, pick from drop down list or duplicating an entry.4:23
   Opening a FileHow to open an existing file through the Excel interface.2:19
Editing a WorkbookTime
   Editing ContentHow to edit cell content in a spreadsheet.1:58
   Saving a FileSaving a file, saving a file with another name or location, or saving as a different file type.4:50
   Using the Microsoft ClipboardUsing the clipboard to copy information from one document to another between Microsoft applications.4:16
   Basic FormualsHow to use basic formulas in a spreadsheet. Add, Subtract, multiple, Divide.7:19
   Order of PrecedenceHow Excel calculates a formula.4:29
   AutoSumUsing the AutoSum feature to Add up a column or row of numbers.3:08
   AverageCalculate the Average for a group of numbers.1:56
   Max & MinHow to find the highest or lowest number in a group.2:20
   Auto Fill (Copying Formulas)How to use auto fill to copy a formula to another cell or group of cells.4:15
   Moving a FormulaHow Excel handles moving a cell with a formula or the cells in the formula.4:00
Absolute FormulasTime
   Absolute Formula Part IHow to copy a cell where a cell reference can not change.3:41
   Absolute Formula Part 2How to copy a cell where a row or column reference can not change.5:14
   Formatting Text in a spreadsheetHow to format text in a spreadsheet, Align, Center Across Selection, and Indent.4:30
   AutoFillHow to use Auto Fill to create a series of numbers, create a list.4:15
   FormattingHow to format cells, numbers.5:15
   Basic PrintingHow to print a basic worksheet.3:59
   Printing Large DocumentsHow to print a large Documents.2:45
   Print TitlesHow to add column or row titles to each page.3:07
   Printing Headers and FootersHow to print headers and footers on pages.4:07
Basic ChartsTime
   Pie Chart (Basic)How to create a basic pie chart4:09
   Column Chart (Basics)How to create a basic column chart4:04
   Hiding Colums, Rows & TabsHow to hide columns, rows or Tabs.2:32
   Paste SpecialHow to paste numbers from one area and add them to existing numbers.3:19