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Access Level 1

   What is a databaseDefines the terms and objects of a database.5:21
   The Access InterfaceThe Technical Term of the Access Inteface6:07
   Opening A DatabaseHow to open a database1:37
   Working with the Navigation PaneViewing the objects in a database, tables, queries, forms and reports.5:07
Working With DataTime
   Working with the Quick Access ToolbarHow to add commands to the Quick Access Toolbar3:01
   Working with TablesHow to navigate throught the records in a table.4:50
   Adding RecordsHow to add information to a table.3:11
   Finding and Deleting RecordsHow find records in a database using the search features. How to delete a record in the database.3:28
   Autocorrect and Spell CheckHow to use Autocorrect and spell check your information.2:43
Creating TablesTime
   Create a Database and a TableHow to create a blank database and add a table from a template.2:53
   How to create a table manuallyHow to create a table and set the primary key.5:38
   How to create tables with different data types.Creating a table with multiple datatypes.4:19
   How to create a table from an Excel FileHow to import an Excel file into Access as a table.4:30
   Table PropertiesHow to modify a table and test the table properties.5:25
   Table PropertiesHow to modify table properties from an imported table and a table created from a template.3:07
   Table Properties - Validate Rules, Input Makes and Default valueHow to validate date with validation rules. How to set a default value. How to display an imput mask .5:03
   Modifying a TableHow to add, delete and move fields in a table.2:29
   Chaning Column Widths.How to change column width in table. Formatting a table.1:57
Using FormsTime
   How to create a form.How to create a form using Autoform and Form Wizard.2:33
   Modifying FormsHow to view forms in Layout View and Design view and how to make changes to a form.2:08
   Using ThemesHow to change the appearance of a form using Themes.1:12
   Sorting a TableHow to sort data in a table.1:34
   Filtering A TableHow to filter date in a table or from.4:59
   Create a simple QueryHow to create a query to display data from a table.5:27
   Quering with Multiple Criteria.How to create a query to display multiple criteria from a table.4:54
   Modifying a QueryHow to move, insert, and delete fields in a query.2:50
   Create Query with Multiple Criteria.How do create a query with muliple critera.2:25
   Creating a query with multiple tables.How to create a query with multiple tables.2:33
Creating ReportsTime
   Creating ReportsHow to create a report with autoreport and the report wizard5:38
   Modifying a reportHow to modify a report.3:59
   How to create Mailing LabelsHow to create mailing labels from a query.2:51